Opportunities become available in all groups at Millennium Ventures.  Your skill sets and personality traits have to appropriately match the nature of jobs.

Search Group

  • Intensive research
  • Travel
  • Networking

Acquisition Group

  • Asset valuation
  • Procedural and strategic aspects of due diligence
  • Negotiation strategies for value creation and value claiming
  • Selection of deal, modes and methods of payment
  • Financial Statement Analysis and post acquisition pro-forma
  • Tax considerations
  • Dealing with information asymmetry, adverse selection and moral hazard
  • Collaborative Agreements
  • Decision-making with mediation of psychological competencies

Operations Group

  • Organizing and designing teams
  • Exerting influence in situations of conflict
  • Comprehending ethical issue
  • Understanding of value creation and value destruction
  • Applying cross-learning of best practices