Millennium Ventures is an investment firm that holds invest-ments in companies that participate within the Healthcare, Security & Defense, Consumer & Industrial, New Media and Energy sectors. Millennium either renews acquired organizations or builds new ventures based on emerging trends and vibrant themes. Current themes range from need for real-time decision-making data in an uncertain economy, to growth of optical science based products in healthcare devices and defense.

The organization is unique in its ability to take operating roles at portfolio companies. Its portfolio companies have delivered products that includes, software for decision-making based on real-time industry research, laser guides for smart missiles, small fingerprint readers, blood analyzers, galvanometer based scanners, energy efficient lighting for military transport, and media creations. The firm adds value by deploying innovation management expertise and a new sustainable strategy for the next decade in the company’s life cycle.

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Spark Photonics
Spark Photonics

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new-seattle1Our Growth Plan:

Introduce processes, procedures and teams to build a strong infrastructure

Refocus on the sustainable industry segments and exemplify substantial differentiation from peer competitors

Deploy activity based costing to improve product economics both for customers and the company

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